Guests of Honour

In the Whoniverse, Fielding played Tegan Jovanka, an Australian air stewardess who accompanied both the Fourth and Fifth Doctors on their adventures through time and space. Fielding left Doctor Who in 1983 but has since reprised her role as Tegan in various Doctor Who specials and Big Finish audio plays.


From writing to editing to producing and beyond, Gary Russell has taken on many roles in the Whoniverse. He has written a hefty amount of both fiction and nonfiction prose in or pertaining to Doctor Who, served as a Script Editor for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as produced and directed a number of Doctor Who animation and game projects. In 1997, Gary also helped establish Big Finish Productions Ltd. for which he served as Executive Producer for eight years.


Featured Guests


Dr. Blumberg is a world-renowned zombie expert and authority on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both of which he teaches university courses in. He is the owner of ATB Publishing, hosts podcast "Doctor of the Dead," and has authored/co-authored a number of Doctor Who books, including the forthcoming "Red White and Who." Find Arnold on Twitter at @DoctoroftheDead and ATB Publishing at @ATBPublishing.


David Brown grew up with, and continues to enjoy Doctor Who as he pursues various mechanical projects including large prop building. His props have appeared at local conventions and parades for several years. David believes in using common tools and inexpensive materials to create such projects as his Dalek, Cyberman, and Star Wars speeder bike. David lives in Minneapolis and has been a Whovian for about ten regenerations.


Steve is the primary author (leading the team of six) of Red White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America (from ATB Publishing). He is also the co-owner and director of Gallifrey Base, the largest and most popular Doctor Who forum on the Internet; the assistant programming director for the annual Chicago TARDIS convention; the creator and director of Mysterious Theatre 337; author of Silver Scream Vol 1 and Vol 2 (in-depth reference works on classic horror films from Telos Publishing); and creator of the Doctor Who Image Archive website in 1996.


Christopher Jones is a professional illustrator and comic book artist, having worked for comic book publishers including DC, Marvel, Slave Labor Graphics, Image, Malibu, Caliber, and more. He is currently the artist on the Third Doctor comics for Titan Comics. A die-hard Doctor Who fan, Christopher has become known in Doctor Who fandom for his fan art, prints, and enthusiasm to discuss Doctor Who for hours on end, fueled only by Diet Coke.


Ann Neubauer considers Doctor Who as a long creative legacy, borne of a mission for science education and grounded in a modest budget. The program provides a lovely springboard for personal creative projects. To those ends Ann has used Dalek building as a means to learn about using tools and materials - or, has learned these things as a means to create her own Dalek! And a Davros. And she has dabbled in creating fan fiction. She lives in Minneapolis and has been a Whovian since the early 1980s.


LARS PEARSON is one of the foremost experts on Doctor Who in North America, and co-author of the seminal Who timeline Ahistory (now 55% bigger than War and Peace). As Mad Norwegian Press editor-in-chief, he oversees the company's ranges of books on Doctor Who, which include About Time, Chicks Dig Time Lords, Running Through Corridors and Space Helmet for a Cow. On his watch, Mad Norwegian has won a Hugo Award (for Chicks Dig Time Lords), plus three Hugo nominations and an ENnie Award nomination.


DAVE SCHRADER is the host of the wildly popular and internationally heard Darkness Radio Presents: Beyond the Darkness. Darkness Radio is about to enter its 10th year on the air and is considered to be the most popular paranormal themed talk shows on the air following Coast to Coast AM which Dave has also been a recurrent fill-in host exposing his show to about 15 million listeners world-wide. Dave co-wrote the book "The Other Side: A Teen’s Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal," judged the Travel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge," and has appeared on "Ghost Adventures" and "Paranormal State".


SisterTree is a musical duo made up of band members Dee Brust and Kerri Joy. They render radiant, expansive harmonies for strings and voices that are grounded in Traditional Roots, Celtic, and Americana. Their music includes original and traditional tunes and folk ballads, favorites and downright far-fetched selections suited to many occasions. Exploring with an independent spirit, roving over the wild and storied landscapes of life, collecting, tinkering, and translating their heritage, they seek the alchemy of fulfillment through self-expression.


Kathryn Sullivan writes young adult fantasy and science fiction. Her Doctor Who-related works include “The Monster and the Archaeologists” in Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Dead Men Diaries and “The Diplomat's Tale” in Short Trips: Repercussions, both published by Big Finish, as well as an essay in the Hugo winning Chicks Dig Time Lords. She also has a review in Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Doctor Who stories by 160 writers and another (Star Trek-related) one in Outside In Boldly Goes.


YogaQuest has been creatively engaging with the geek community in inclusive, body positive ways since 2011 by providing a unique blend of yoga and fan-fiction storytelling. Your quest is guided by a narrator and certified yoga instructor as the class embarks on an epic, and often ridiculous, journey through a popular fandom. Move through the story by following a yoga routine designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Join us for yoga like you've never experienced it before!