Each year we are excited to present a thorough and varied programming schedule, where we as fans can delve into the concepts, controversies, and continuities that keep us up at night, make us laugh, and keep us coming back for more. You can expect the same great quality of programming at CONsole Room 2021 as you’ve experienced at our previous conventions. Follow us on social media for updates as we get closer to our 2021 convention!

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Interested in the programming process? Take a look at the list of programming ideas developed for our 2021 convention below, or check out the full list of current programming ideas with descriptions by clicking here.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Movie
50 Years of Season 8
The Master: A Retrospective
Elisabeth Sladen: Sarah Jane and Beyond!
Pandemics in Doctor Who
Doctor Who on Lockdown
Traveling with the Doctor
The Timeless Child
My Best Enemy
Revolution of the Daleks
Writing Doctor Who
Where Do I Start Watching Classic Doctor Who?
Lost and Found Episodes
Climate Change in Doctor Who
Mental Health Portrayed in Doctor Who
Doctor Who Below Zero
Doctor Who Audio Dramas
Hats off to the Doctor
Doctor WHOrror
Replace a Doctor in an Episode
Meeting the Doctor
How Would You Use the TARDIS?

British Film & TV

Media Releases During the Pandemic
Writing During a Pandemic
2020 Movie Releases
2021: A Look Forward
The Future is Inclusive
No Time to Die and Beyond
Bill & Ted Face the Music
Classic Time Travel TV Shows
Supernatural: A Retrospective
Disney Live-Action Remakes
Comparing Streaming Services
The Manadalorian
The Boys

Where to Start Watching Anime
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Fan Panel
DC vs. Marvel Comics


Prop Shop
Health Care Professionals Appreciation Panel
Fandom Cookbooks
Take a Virtual TARDIS Tour
How I Spent My Quarantine
Improv Cosplay
Sewing 101
How to Start Your Own Podcast
Unmasking Doctor Who Monsters
How Do You Do Your'Do?
3D Printing