Each year we are excited to present a thorough and varied programming schedule, where we as fans can delve into the concepts, controversies, and continuities that keep us up at night, make us laugh, and keep us coming back for more.

You can expect the same great quality of programming at CONsole Room 2017 as you’ve experienced at our previous conventions. If you have an idea for a panel or something else fun to share with other fans at our convention, always feel free to contact us at And follow us on social media for updates as we get closer to our 2017 convention.

Want to get a taste of the panels we're looking at for this year's convention? Check out the list below!
*Please Note: We cannot guarantee that all of these panels will take place at CONsole Room 2017, but all are under consideration.

General Programming

Chibnall’s Direction
Doctor Who References in Pop Culture
Doctor Who Special Effects
Evolution of U.N.I.T.
History According to Doctor Who
JNT vs. RTD vs. SM
Power of the Daleks - the Lost Episode
New Companion - What Do We Think of Bill?
Oddities of Costumes/Wardrobe
Return: Popularity of New Who
Sci-Fi Crossover Actors
Time Travel on TV
Weaponry of Doctor Who

5th Doctor

Back to Basics – 5th Doctor
Davison Regeneration
Killing Adric

Main Stage

Comic Books w/Christopher Jones
Doctor Who Audio Panel w/Big Finish

Carnival of Monsters

Evolution of Monsters
Godzilla & Other Monsters
One-Off Monsters

#WhoItYourself Programming

Cosplay: Costumes
Cosplay: Make-up, wigs, props
Doctor Who Knitting
Evolution of Doctor Who Conventions
Fan Fiction Writing
Jewelry Making
Music Composition
Seed Art
Who and Tell

Mother's Day

Awesome Offspring
Mom's in Doctor Who

Children's Programming

Coloring Contest
Dalek Bingo
Doctor Who Bookmarks
Doctor Who Totes
Macaroni Art
Make Your Own Puppets
Make Your Own Tardis/Fez
Mask Making
Monster Red Light/Green Light
Obstacle Course
Pin the Face on Cassandra
Reptiles Exhibit
Walk/Talk Like a Monster
Write Gallifreyan