Each year we are excited to present a thorough and varied programming schedule, where we as fans can delve into the concepts, controversies, and continuities that keep us up at night, make us laugh, and keep us coming back for more. You can expect the same great quality of programming at CONsole Room 2018 as you’ve experienced at our previous conventions. Follow us on social media for updates as we get closer to our 2019 convention!

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Interested in the programming process? Take a look at the list of programming ideas developed for our 2019 convention below:

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Audios
Series 11: What Did We Think?
Missing Episodes
Let's Talk Logos
Let's Talk Sets
Classic Who Blu-Rays
Finally, a Female Doctor!
Counting Companions
Doctor Who in Memoriam
Monsters vs. Concepts
Series 11 Monsters/Aliens
Doctor Who Offspring in Movies & TV
Paternoster Gang
Doctor Who Collectibles
Diversity in Doctor Who
Parallels Between Series 11 and Sarah Jane Adventures
That's the Worst
Christmas Specials
The Unquiet Dead
Hey, I Know That Person!
Doctor Who Gaming
Survival 30th Anniversary
The War Games 50th Anniversary
The Tenth Planet Episode vs. Novelization
K9: Are the Dog Days Over?
Monster Metamorphosis
Historical Accuracy in Doctor Who
The Doctor in Victorian England
Religion in Doctor Who
Doctor Who Nonfiction Books

British Film & TV

Attach the Block
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
The Handmaid's Tale (Late Night Panel)
2019 in Movies
Horror Films Then and Now (Late Night Panel)
Red Dwarf
Blake's 7
British Soap Operas
British Influence on American TV
Missing Episodes in American TV
Best of British Beer
British Foods
The Great British Baking Show
A Very British Tour of the Twin Cities
Big Bang Theory
Adventures in the Kulper Belt
Lego Cinematic Universe
The Orville vs. Star Trek Discovery
MCU: Turning it up to 11
Danger Mouse, The Reboot
Slash Fiction (Late Night Panel)
Game of Thrones, the Final Season


Who & Tell
Doctor Who Fan Fiction
Prop Shop
Group Cosplay
Working with Worbla
How to Speak with a British Accent
3D Printing
Doctor Who Knitting
This Old Tardis
How to Get Involved!
Cosplay Makeup
Cosplay Costumes


Knitting Workshop
Debate Panel
Doctor Who Seed Art
Snow Building Contest
Photo Scavenger Hunt/p>

Check out the full list of current programming ideas with descriptions by clicking here.