Each year we are excited to present a thorough and varied programming schedule, where we as fans can delve into the concepts, controversies, and continuities that keep us up at night, make us laugh, and keep us coming back for more. You can expect the same great quality of programming at CONsole Room 2018 as you’ve experienced at our previous conventions. Follow us on social media for updates as we get closer to our 2018 convention!

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Programming Ideas for CONsole Room 2018 are now available! Take a look at the list below:

Doctor Who

Welcome, Jodie!
Look Back at 12
Goodbye Peter, Pearl, & Steven
Diversity in Doctor Who
Comparing & Contrasting Old vs. New Who
Life Lessons Learned from Who
Mysteries in Doctor Who
Horror in Doctor Who
Historical Episodes
Dinosaurs in DW
MC Who
Music of Doctor Who
Doctors in Other Shows
Doctor Who Spinoffs
Multiple Doctor Episodes
Master & Missy Come Face to Face
Paternoster Gang
Cyberman Evolution
Big Finish
Debate Panel

British Film & TV

Game of Thrones
Monty Python
Harry Potter
New British Sci-Fi TV
Classic British Sci-Fi TV
New British Drama
Classic British Drama
British Comedies
Masterpiece Theatre
British Invasion
British Foods
DC Comics in TV


Cosplay Costumes
Costuming Research
Hair Tutorial/Wigs
Prop Building
Cosplay Masquerade
Group Cosplay
Show & Tell
Fan Fiction Writing
How to Speak in a British Accent

Children's Programming

Children's Acting Workshop
Pin the Accessory on the Dino

Check out the full list of current programming ideas with descriptions by clicking here.