The Play is The Thing

Plays at our convention have been a big hit, and we're looking to continue the tradition in 2019 with a production of our own! Featuring the popular Weeping Angels, we are currently in the process of bringing "Blink" to the Main Stage of CONsole Room, featuring those stony assassins, the Weeping Angels.

But we need your help! Our director is looking for a number of actor volunteers to fill the roles (seen below). Interested actors should email programming with their interest by following the link below. We hope to hear from you soon!

PLEASE NOTE: This play will be performed at the 2019 convention. Please let us know if you are interested! Work on the play will begin in Fall 2018.

Play Description

Blink: In the episode, in 2007, Sally Sparrow enters Wester Drumlins, an abandoned house, to look for subjects to photograph. Instead she finds eerie statues and a message from the Doctor behind peeling wallpaper addressed to her, warning her about the Weeping Angels. There is a time difference between the doctor stuck in 1969 and Sally in 2007 and the doctor is without his Tardis. As Sally tries to unravel the mystery of the weeping angels through “easter eggs” in her dvd’s she is in a race of time to help return the Tardis to the Doctor.


Sally Sparrow

A photographer who liked to study the past. She said she liked old things because they made her feel "sad" albeit in a good way. Age; 25ish

Lawrence "Larry" Nightingale

A movie buff who worked in a video-store with Sally Sparrow. Slightly awkward. Age; 25ish

Katherine "Kathy" Nightingale

Sister of Larry Nightingale and a friend of Sally Sparrow. She was born no later than 1988. Skeptical. Age; 20ish

The Doctor

A brilliant, eccentric time traveling alien with two hearts. Too old to count


The Doctor’s Companion, Eager with a sense for adventure. Age; 25ish

Malcolm Wainwright

Grandson of Kathy, Proper. Age; 25ish

Billy Shipton (old/young)

A charismatic young man, witty old man. Age; 25/75

Desk Sergeant

Standard desk police officer. Age; 35ish

Ben Wainwright

Young man who marries Kathy age 20ish


A lazy dvd store employee. Age 30ish

Weeping Angels (3)

Statues that only move when you are not looking at them.