Artists & Dealers

A little bit Henrik’s and a little bit Frenko Bazaar, our Dealers Room is primarily for re-sellers, and we know the Doctor would love the local artists in our Artist Alley as much as we do – though we hope they’d never write “this is fake” on any art like he did to the Mona Lisa.

Vendors, like characters in Doctor Who, come in all sorts of different forms. We welcome vendors who craft, sculpt, sew, knit, paint, write, draw, weld, create music, resell officially licensed items, and so much more! If you would like to be a vendor in either of these rooms, please fill out an interest form. A CONsole Room staff member will contact you according to the registration timeline below.


CONsole Room reserves the right to decide who is a vendor. Submission of an Interest Form is required for consideration but is not a guarantee of being approved. Once approved, your registration is not complete until payment is received. If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact us at Registration is not refundable or transferable to another vendor unless approved by CONsole Room staff.


Please direct any questions you have to



All spaces are approximately 60 sq ft and come with one table.

Space sizes are either:
9′ x 6′ (54 sq ft)
8′ x 8′ (64 sq ft)

CONsole Room staff reserves the right to choose whether a vendor will be located in Artist Alley or the Dealers Room and which space in the room they are assigned to.


Vendor Registration: $85
Vendor registration includes ONE space and ONE full weekend badge.

Additional Badge: $50
A maximum of ONE additional full weekend badge can be purchased per vendor space.

All vendors and their assistants must be registered members of the convention. Any badges above and beyond the maximum TWO badges per space will need to be purchased individually at the current registration rate.

If you purchase multiple spaces you will have access to the maximum number of badges per space. For example, if you purchase two spaces, you are automatically given two badges (one per space). You can purchase up to two additional badges at the vendor rate, giving you a total maximum of four badges.


You are responsible for the security of your vendor table during open hours. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you purchase an additional badge for your space so that you each have an opportunity to take a break if needed. If you need to leave your table for any reason and do not have a second person to watch the table for you, please take responsibility for securing your items. CONsole Room is not responsible for watching your table for you.

During non-open hours, both rooms will be securely locked.

Registration Timeline

MARCH 15, 2019


You MUST fill out the vendor interest form to be considered for space in CONsole Room’s Artist Alley or Dealers Room.

AUGUST 31, 2019


Those who have submitted a Vendor Interest Form by this date will be given first consideration for spaces in the Artist Alley or Dealers Room.

Vendors who fill out an interest form after this date (Second Wave vendors) will be put on a waiting list and contacted starting in November if space is available.

OCTOBER 1, 2019


Approved First Wave vendors will be contacted to confirm space and given a link for registration and payment.

OCTOBER 31, 2019


First Wave vendors must have payment and registration complete by this date.

NOVEMBER 1, 2019


If space is available, approved Second Wave vendors will be contacted beginning on this date to confirm space and given a link for registration and payment.

DECEMBER 1, 2019


The first draft of the Artist Alley and Dealers Room maps will be distributed to registered vendors.