Virtual Escape Room

Your team is locked in the TARDIS, the Doctor is missing, and monsters are trying to break in! For CONsole Room 2021, we've brought the Escape Room experience to a digital space. More information about our Virtual Escape Room will be available as we get closer to the convention.

Will YOU escape?

Start Your Adventure Now

Get started by following the link here. Good luck!


What is a Virtual Escape Room?
Our Virtual Escape Room is a series of digital puzzles. In order to "escape the room" you must solve the puzzles correctly.

When will the Escape Room be open?
The Escape Room will be self-guided and available at all times throughout the convention.

How many people can participate in the Escape Room at once?
The Escape Room is designed for single participants. If you would like to participate as a team, we encourage you to gather your group of participants on a video call that allows screen sharing in order to make decisions together.