In Need of a Few Good Panelists

We’re less than a month out from CONsole Room 2014! We know – we can’t believe it either! We’re working hard on our programming and, in reviewing our panel list, we saw that we could use some additional panelists. Specifically, we’re looking for folks who are willing to be on the following panels:

  • Dishin’ on DVDs (and Blu-rays, too!)
  • Ephemera – Peter Cushing & Beyond
  • Doctor Who in Glorious Black-and-White
  • Crazy for Cosplay
  • Fantastic! – Nine Years Since Eccleston
  • Weeping Angels, Sontarans, and Drashigs – Oh My! Who Are Your Favorite Baddies?
  • Sherlocked
  • Diggin’ on Downton Abbey
  • Understanding Canon in Who
  • Allons-y! – David Tennant’s Impact on Who
  • Music and Who
  • Can’t Wait for Capaldi!
  • DWM – Worth a Read?
  • Animating Missing Episodes
  • They Keep on Coming – All About the Daleks

If you are willing to join us on one (or more than one!) of these panels, please e-mail us at We’re really close to finalizing our programming content, so the sooner you can let us know, the better.

See you all in just over three weeks!