Guest Update

With CONsole Room 2015 just 3.5 weeks away, we’re sad to announce that a few of our guests have had to bow out. Sam Stone and David J. Howe are no longer able to attend due to a very unexpected health issue and artist Brent Schoonover has conflicting work the same weekend as CONsole Room. We’ll definitely miss having them this year, but wish them the best and hope to bring them to another convention in the future!

With this news, we’ve been hard at work finding additional guests and we’re excited to announce that Gareth David-Lloyd, better known as Ianto Jones from Torchwood, will now be joining us for the weekend! Sponsors and mixer ticket-holders can see him at the Thursday evening mixer and all attendees will see him at panels and autograph/photograph sessions throughout the weekend. Torchwood fans unite!

In addition to Gareth, we’re also happy to have Twin Cities author Daniel Wallace with us. Daniel has written a number of reference guides, articles, and short stories about the Star Wars universe and we’re glad to have him with us to share his knowledge during the weekend. We can’t wait for you to see both Gareth and Daniel in a few weeks!

Don’t forget that pre-registration closes THIS FRIDAY, so if you want to get in on all this fun, get your membership before then! Head over to our Registration page to get the process started.