#WhoItYourself – Inspired by Doctor Who

During the years that Doctor Who was off our television screens, the fans turned toward their own creativity. That creativity has only grown since our show came back on. You’ve written stories, made videos, drawn comics, sewn costumes, built props, recorded podcasts, and so much more.

For CONsole Room 2017, we want to celebrate that creativity with our new campaign, which we’re calling #WhoItYourself! During the months leading up to the convention, we’ll be spotlighting the creative works of Doctor Who fans on our website and via social media, and combining forces with the Geek Partnership Society to host some masquerade workshops and other hands-on creative events. And we want you to bring all of your creations to CONsole Room 2017 to share your hard work with fellow fans!

So watch our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, where we’ll be posting a new prompt each week to help inspire you in your #WhoItYourself creativity. Whether your muse is Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, or Shakespeare, we want to you share your comics, costume, fan fiction, or anything else you’ve created. Tag CONsole Room on social media, along with #WhoItYourself, or email us directly with your creative work based on our weekly prompt. We’ll be spotlighting a creator each week that embodies our theme, so watch for us to announce our first theme next week!