New Featured Guests: Ann Neubauer, David Brown, and Daleks

You’ve seen their work at our convention before – their Daleks and Cybermen have always been a delight as they roll by – and this year we are excited to announce that Ann Neubauer and David Brown will be returning to CONsole Room as featured guests!

Ann Neubauer considers Doctor Who as a long creative legacy, borne of a mission for science education and grounded in a modest budget. The program provides a lovely springboard for personal creative projects. To those ends Ann has used Dalek building as a means to learn about using tools and materials – or, has learned these things as a means to create her own Dalek! And a Davros. And she has dabbled in creating fan fiction. She lives in Minneapolis and has been a Whovian since the early 1980s.

David Brown grew up with, and continues to enjoy Doctor Who as he pursues various mechanical projects including large prop building. His props have appeared at local conventions and parades for several years. David believes in using common tools and inexpensive materials to create such projects as his Dalek, Cyberman, and Star Wars speeder bike. David lives in Minneapolis and has been a Whovian for about ten regenerations.

Please join us in welcoming Ann and David to our convention!