Peace, Love, and Community

In light of the recent protests in Minnesota and around the world, we want to make it very clear that we stand in support of Black Lives Matter and discrimination of any kind is not welcome at our convention or in our community.

At CONsole Room, it is our goal at all times to help build an inclusive, safe, welcoming community. While it is our shared love of Doctor Who that brings us all together, this community, our convention committee, our attendees, and our guests represent a multitude of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We remain committed, both in-person and online, to respecting and celebrating our differences, just as the Doctor before us has done.

We love that you have trusted us to not only create an immersive weekend experience every year where we can come together in celebration of this wonderful TV show but also to build a safe virtual space where this growing community can continue to engage and connect with each other while we’re apart. It’s important to us that we continue this support as an organization and as individuals so that we can all grow stronger together.

With kindness,
Jason Tucker and Amber Raden
CONsole Room Co-Chairs