Support CONsole Room this Give to the Max Day

CONsole Room is “Bigger on the Inside” because of people like you.

As you may know, since our start in 2014, CONsole Room has been entirely run by a group of dedicated volunteers and fans who spend their free time pulling together the best Doctor Who convention they possibly can. From bringing in actors and creators from the show to hosting panels to creating celebrations of our fandom through our #WhoItYourself campaign, we are constantly thinking outside the box to create exciting and engaging experiences every year for everyone from casual fans to lifelong Whovians.

CONsole Room is truly an event created by the fans for the fans. And it doesn’t happen without ongoing support from people like you!

The work we do for CONsole Room is funded through a mix of memberships (your ticket to the convention!) and donations. While we continue to work on growing our membership, the extra support through donations, no matter how small, helps us expand even further on the convention experience and support more ambitious goals.

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In celebration of the day and this wonderful community, we’ll also be sharing news and fun all day! Here’s what you can expect to see on our social media and website today:

  • A series of announcements, including the guests we shared during Twin Cities Con earlier this month. Stay tuned!
  • #WhoItYourself LIVE returns with a live comment-along of “Remembrance of the Daleks, Part II” at 7PM CT today on our YouTube channel! We’ll let you know when our watch of the episode begins so you can watch along on your own screens/streaming service at the same time and join in on our conversation.

Looking for other ways to support the convention? Take a look at our top three ways below:

  1. Register for our convention! We are a hybrid convention, and in-person and virtual registrations are all still available.
  2. Volunteer! We are a volunteer-run convention, and have a variety of volunteer needs throughout the year and during con itself.
  3. Spread the word! Share information about our convention and invite fellow Whovians to join us! The more we grow, the more resources we are able to dedicate to an amazing convention experience.

Whether you’re able to join us today or are saving up all your Whovian fun for the convention in January, we appreciate each and every one of you for your ongoing support of our convention and this community. We’re officially less than 60 days away from CONsole Room 2024: Bigger on the Inside and can’t wait to see you all again in January!