Crafts, community games, coloring pages, and more! Browse through the activities we've pulled together to help fill those quiet moments, embrace your creativity, and have fun together.

Interested in more? Take a look at the official Doctor Who activities on the Doctor Who or BBC websites.

Hallway Games

These "Hallway Activities" can be found under the "Activities" category on Discord OR in person on the halls of the convention. Share memes, caption photos, mash up episode titles, and more!
Caption This

Share captions for photos from Classic Who, New Who, and Doctor Who spin-offs.

Wall Games

Play along all weekend long with games like "Episode Mash Up," "Daleks in the Movies," and "Ultimate TARDIS Team."

Photo Share

Have some fun with fan photos, memes, cute pet pics, and more!


Find these puzzles in-person in our ACTIVITIES room or download them here to enjoy at home!


Follow the directions below to make some fun Who-inspired crafts!. Be sure to post your creations on Discord (and the #WhoItYourself Community page on Facebook)! We would love to see everyone's creations as we celebrate all things WHO!
TARDIS Melty Beads

Come play with Perler/Melty Beads with Cynthia! She will explain some tips and techniques she uses when working in this medium, using the pattern found below.

  • Pattern Diagram
  • Fuse [Perler] Beads in White, Black, and Royal Blue (see pattern for amounts)
  • Fuse Bead Pegboard (with at least 27 rows)
  • Wax Paper
  • Iron
  • OPTIONAL: Tweezers
  1. Have the pattern easily accessible, either by printing it out or opening it on a device you can look at while you work.
  2. Follow the pattern in whatever order works best for you! Cynthia likes to make the outline and then fill it in.
  3. Carefully cover the design with wax paper. Make sure you don't tip any beads over.
  4. Slowly melt the beads and fuse them together with the iron. Once the design is melted enough to stay together, you can take it off of the board to make it flatter and/or iron the other side to get the look you want. Be careful not to burn yourself or things around you while using an iron!
  5. Enjoy your new TARDIS!
Pint-Sized Puppets

Come learn more about designing and creating finger puppets with Cynthia. Some Who-inspired patterns can be found below.

  • Design Template
  • Felt
  • Scissors (Recommended: "microtip" blades)
  • Embroidery floss and/or regular thread
  • Hot Glue/Tacky Glue/Fabric Glue
  • Fabric paint (optional, but good for mouths if you don't like sewing)
  • Decorations (optional but googly eyes are cute)
  1. Have your design ready. Our template has several finished designs for you to use and two spots to draw your own.
  2. Cut out a base for your puppet. Choose a color that will work well as a base (generally, the color of your character's face, if it has one). You want an approximately 3"x3" square, that you cut or fold in half one direction, and round off. This gets you the 3"x1.5" these puppet designs are based on and is easier than cutting out a bunch of "finger" shapes. Also, if you plan to use hot glue instead of sewing the halves together, you can fold them and only have one line to glue.
  3. Put two halves together with thread, embroidery floss, or glue of some sort. If you are using thread, I suggest a blanket stitch. If you are using glue, be sure to leave an opening and be careful the glue doesn't go too far in from the edges.
  4. Use the designs as a template to cut out more pieces of felt to decorate your design. Cut out the hair shape, eye shapes if you aren't using googlies, different parts of the clothing, etc. Microtip scissors work the best for tiny parts. If you are having trouble, felt is easier to cut if you bond it with some freezer paper (if you have any).
  5. Attach the decorations to your base. Use glue or thread, depending on the size of the pieces and your skill (or patience level). Be careful of hot glue and pointy needles! Plan out which layers to put from bottom to top. It doesn't make sense to attach a hat before hair! Sometimes scarves are under, sometimes over. Taking a little time planning will save problems later.
  6. Paint or stitch any final details... and enjoy!
Abstract Watercolor Galaxy
Join Cynthia in learning more about making "galaxy" watercolor paintings, a very relaxing way to round out our CONsole Room weekend!

  • Two containers for water
  • A towel or paper towel (that you don't mind possibly ruining)
  • Low-tack tape (masking, painter's, washi, etc.)
  • Watercolor paints or watercolor pencils
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Paper (preferably watercolor paper, 90# or thicker)
  • OPTIONAL: Toothbrush
  • OPTIONAL: Acrylic paint in white
  • Be sure to have a good space to work in. It can be helpful to have a board of some sort to tape your watercolor pieces to instead of a table so you can move the paper instead of moving your arm or body to get at a different angle.
  • It is also helpful to gather some reference photos ahead of time.