TARDIS Tour #3 Coming to a Virtual Space Near You

Our TARDIS Tours have been an exhilarating way to spend a day with fellow Doctor Who fans in Minnesota for the past two years. While COVID is keeping us from gathering in person this year, we’re excited to be bringing the TARDIS’ to you in this new, virtual format.

Don’t leave the breaks on! Our #WhoItYourself LIVE event “TARDIS Day” starts at 9AM central time on Saturday, July 11. Take a journey with us on the CONsole Room Facebook page and Twitter throughout the day as we travel virtually to TARDIS’ all around Minnesota. New TARDIS’ will materialize every 15 minutes, with activities and snack breaks built in, just like the real deal!

TIP: Follow along with our EXPLORER TRAVEL LOG to make sure you get the most out of your digital travels!

Then join us for a LIVE Meet & Greet/Q&A with the TARDIS owners at 4PM, streaming on our YouTube channel and on the CONsole Room Facebook page, to learn about their TARDIS journeys and ask questions.

#WIY LIVE Day of the Doctor is Nearly Here!

Our convention committee has been so excited to share LIVE events with you over the past few weeks, and tomorrow is our biggest one yet!

Our #WhoItYourself LIVE event “Day of the Doctor” starts at 9AM central time on Saturday, June 27 and brings you a full day filled with some of the unique, exciting ways CONsole Room celebrates not only the Doctor Who universe but also the fans who help bring this universe to life. Our schedule of events include activities, discussions, live panels, a tweet-along, a virtual Masquerade, and so much more!

Keep reading to learn more about how you can get involved in and be prepared for our day of fun, as well as see the full schedule below:

Where to Tune In

Our panels will be streaming live in our YouTube channel and on the CONsole Room Facebook page.

Activities, such as our Masquerade and “Caption This” game, are posts that will be shared throughout the day on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter social media channels.

Lastly, wrap up your day with our Tweet-along on both Twitter and our #WhoItYourself Community Facebook Group using #WIYDayOfTheDoctor.

Making Your Day Extra Special

While much of our day is designed for live interaction across our social media channels, there are a few things you can do on your own, too, to share or add a little something extra special to your day. Take a look at our list below:

Virtual Masquerade

We have always enjoyed celebrating the creativity of cosplayers through the Costume Showcase and Hall Costume Contest at our convention. During our “Day of the Doctor” event, we will have dedicated space for you to share videos or photos of your own cosplay throughout the day!

Cosplayers (left to right) Meg Bjorkman, Eleanor Cashman, and Matt Bjorkman at a previous CONsole Room convention.

Coloring Pages

Need some coloring time to unwind? Our coloring pages have always been very popular at both CONsole Room and at the outreach events we have hosted outside of our convention. Bring that experience home this weekend by printing these out to color by hand or color digitally, then share on social media to add your art to our digital wall.

Mix Your Own Mocktails

We are very proud of the top notch refreshment experience we offer both through our ConSuite at our convention, as well as at some of our Who-themed experiences outside of CONsole Room. Bring a piece of that magic into your home this weekend with some of our tried-and-true non-alcoholic beverage recipes!


No matter how you would prefer to get involved, we have options for you! Take a look at our schedule below to plan out your day. Please note that all times are in central time.

Please note that TIMED EVENTS (in blue) will be happening live at the listed time. All ACTIVITIES (in red) will be started as posts on our social media channels between panels listed below.

Not available when a panel or activity launches? Not to worry! While you might miss out on some of the live interaction, all posts and videos will still be available later when you are able to join us.

  • ACTIVITY: Share Your Coloring Page
    Share pictures of your creations in this post so we can decorate our virtual walls with color.
  • 9:00 AM | Welcome from the CONsole Room Co-Chairs
    Tune in for a brief, live welcome message from the CONsole Room co-chairs as we talk through what to expect from the day and can answer any questions you have.
  • ACTIVITY: Introduce Yourself
    Introduce yourself to your fellow Whovians from all around the world and share how you discovered Doctor Who.
  • 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM | Costuming the Doctor
    Panelists: T Aaron Cisco, Kiah Nelson, Kat Pepmiller, Amber Raden
    Whether you’re creating your cosplay from scratch or through thrift store finds, join us to learn great cosplay tips and hear stories from our cosplayers.
  • ACTIVITY: Digital Masquerade
    Share videos or photos of your own cosplay for this digital Masquerade!
  • 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM | Radio Play: The Celestial Toymaker
    Cast: Ben Ellis, Meg Bjorkman, David Norris, Riki Gee, Earl Luckes, Matt Bjorkman, Susie Guille, Phillip Gordon
    The play is the thing! Join our cast as they take us on an audio journey into this First Doctor story. There will be time for Q&A and discussion at the end.
  • ACTIVITY: Caption This!
    Share a caption or two (or more!) on the photos we’ll be sharing (and please remember to keep it family friendly!)
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | Comic Creators of Doctor Who, Featuring Christopher Jones and Katy Rex
    Moderator: Dave Wheeler
    Doctor Who may have started on the small screen, but it’s expanded far beyond the screen’s four corners. Join us as we discuss Chris’ and Katy’s work in creating Doctor Who comics and their journey bringing the Doctor to the printed page.
  • ACTIVITY: One Word Story
    Add one word at a time to create a Who-related story as a community (and please remember to keep it family friendly!)
  • 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM | Tea Time Roundtable Discussion
    You’ve had a day full of Doctor Who-related content, now join fellow fans on Zoom for an open discussion for all to talk about Who.
    Join on Zoom through this link using password “nomore”
  • ACTIVITY: TARDIS Forced Perspective Photo Challenge
    Get ready for our Virtual TARDIS Tour on July 11 by participating in a photo challenge! Learn more about forced perspective with our video, then take a picture of your own in preparation for our next #WhoItYourself LIVE Event – our virtual TARDIS Tour!
  • 4:15 PM | Closing Message from CONsole Room Co-Chairs
    Tune in for a brief live message from our co-chairs about the day and what’s coming next.
  • 7:00 PM | Day of the Doctor Tweet-Along
    Prop up your feet, pop some popcorn, and relax by joining us for a live Tweet-Along of the 50th Anniversary episode “Day of the Doctor.”
    Please note that we will not be streaming this episode live. To participate in the Tweet-Along, we ask all participants to start streaming or playing their own copy of the episode when we start at 7PM, then either follow #WIYDayOfTheDoctor on Twitter or join in the conversation in the #WhoItYourself Community Facebook Group as we share thoughts and reactions about the episode.

TOP TEN Ways to Prep for CONsole Room 2020

2020 is in full swing and CONsole Room is nearly upon us!

We have a LOT planned for you for the weekend, so while you're dusting off your most Doctor-ish running boots and knitting those last few stitches on a striped scarf worthy of a Time Lord, here's our TOP TEN ways to help you get the most out of our convention.


Your ticket to all of the fun for this weekend starts at REGISTRATION. Visit registration on the 2ND FLOOR of the convention hotel, just to the left of the stairs, to pick up your badge, souvenir program, and shirt (if you've purchased one). Regular registration opens at 9AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

HAVEN'T REGISTERED? We do have weekend and single day registrations available at the door! Bring your friends and family and join us for a day or the whole weekend. We can't wait to see you!


We have SO much planned for this weekend you'll never want to leave - and you don't have to! Our official room block has closed but if rooms are still available at our convention hotel you still have access to our special convention rate.

PLEASE CONTACT THE HOTEL DIRECTLY if you wish to book a room for this weekend and let them know you would like to be added to the CONsole Room room block.


We are thrilled that Guests of Honour RICHARD ASHTON, who played Friday the Ice Warrior, DR. ARNOLD T. BLUMBERG, ATB Publishing owner and editor, and ROBERT SMITH?, Doctor Who guide writer and editor, will be joining us for the weekend and they can't wait to meet all of you!

Take home a memento of your meeting with a photograph or autograph from our Guests of Honour. Photograph and autograph times can be found in our SCHEDULE.

Learn more about our wonderful Guests of Honour and Featured Guests on our GUESTS PAGE.


Planners, this one is for you: OUR SCHEDULE IS OUT and available on our website! Take a sneak peek at some of the interviews, activities, and discussions we have planned for the weekend and get ready to have some fun.


Night owls, we've got you covered. From participating in our COSTUME SHOWCASE to winning at trivia, dancing the night away to singing your double hearts out, we have evening panels and activities to keep you engaged long after the stars come out.

Take a peak at our SCHEDULE to see what we have in store!


Our #WhoItYourself campaign was designed to spotlight the originality and creativity of the fans, and we're proud to continue that focus this year. Painting with Plasmavores, our popular #WhoItYourself paint event which leads you through the creation your very own Who-inspired painting, is returning for the fourth year in a row - no experience required!

PLEASE NOTE: This event requires a separate materials fee and is not included with your regular registration. Learn more about the event and see this year's paintings on our WEBSITE, then guarantee your spot in one of our events by REGISTERING TODAY!


Are you an artist but didn't want a full Artist Alley table (or applied for one too late)? You can still enter in our Art Show! Walk-in art will be accepted on a first-come, available space basis until the art show closes on FRIDAY, JANUARY 17. Learn more about our Art Show ON OUR WEBSITE.


This convention exists because of our volunteers. From our convention committee members to the enthusiastic fans leading panels and interviews to the smiling crew cooking and stocking food all weekend in ConSuite, everything runs as it does because wonderful, passionate people donate their time.

You can become a volunteer, too! We're always looking for helpful Whovians willing to dedicate even just an hour or two of their weekend to helping this convention run smoothly - and you get some neat perks for volunteering, too! Make sure to visit ConOps across from Registration to sign up for a volunteering shift early and often. You'll be glad you did!


We know there's a lot to do this weekend but don't forget to take care of you, too! Your CONsole Room membership gives you access to our ConSuite in Room 1100 for snacks and beverages throughout the weekend. Make sure to eat and stay hydrated!


Just because we're all on the move throughout the weekend doesn't mean we can't keep in touch! Follow us on FACEBOOKTWITTER, and INSTAGRAM for updates and spotlights throughout the weekend.

Sharing updates yourself? Feel free to use our official hashtag #CONsoleRoom2020.