Escape Room - The Library

We all know the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. But it is not the only thing in this universe bigger on the inside and capable of transporting anyone to anywhere and any time.

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Solve the LIBRARY puzzle below to find a password which will give you access to the next puzzle.
Remember, we’re all just stories in the end. The Doctor has had some good ones. Use them to drop the keys that will reveal what’s important

When you walk into the Library, the shelves have pictures of different regenerations of the Doctor. On the shelf with each Doctor’s picture, there are books with titles that seem familiar - all but 3 shelves that have an empty space next to the picture.

There’s also a tray with 3 sets of books bound together and a sign “Ready for Reshelving”

You also see the following quote on the table near the tray:

Below are all the pictures with the book titles listed below each picture.

Who’s Giggling Now?

Two Foundlings: Ruby and the Doctor

Doctor on the Lam: Hiding in Plain Sight

(Large Empty Space)

Rockin’ Out with the Doctor

Boundaries: A Companion’s Guide to Balancing Professional, Personal, and Running

My “Life” After the Metal Suit by Bill Potts

Of Sunflowers and Starry Nights

Bow Ties are Cool

Remembering Wilf

(Large Empty Space)

Rosa rosa var. Blaidd ddrwg

No More: The Darkest Hours of the Time War

TV Movies Aren’t Always the End

(Large Empty Space)

The Doctor and the Amazing Technicolor Jacket

The Rani, The Doctor, The Master, Oh My!

Celery - Not Just a Decorative Vegetable

The Rani, The Doctor, The Master, Oh My! Cricket for All

Just Keep Knitting Until You Run Out of Yarn

K9: A Time Lords Best Friend

2 Time Lords Travel Together
by Romanadvoratrelundar

The Big Book of Jelly Babies

Off the Record: U.N.I.T.’s Scientific Advisor
by Sarah Jane Smith

Cosmic Hobo

A Highland Adventure

The Journey Begins

The 3 sets of books on the tray are bundled similar to the books on the shelf next to the 4th doctor.

Set 1
Just Another Tuesday for the Fam
Delivery Robots Gone Rogue?
Ghosts, Mary Shelley, and the Doctor's Terrible Ghost Stories
No Damsels In Distress Here
Set 2
Working Off My Adipose by Jillian Crunch
The What? What? There and Back Again by Noble
Rose Gardens: Binary, Binary Growth
Good Omens
Set 3
Whose Weapons: A Brolly, A Scream, & Nitro 9
The Ultima Machine, the Chessboard, and WWII by Doctor Alan Judson
The Hobbit
Professor Who?

The password for the "Quotes" puzzle is the first word of the first title for the Doctors 7, 10, and 13. Capitalize the first letter of each word with no spaces between the words like the following example: WordWordWord