Escape Room - The Wardrobe

A new regeneration requires a new look. There’s a lot you can learn about the Doctor from the clothes and treasures contained within the wardrobe.

Move on to the Key Alphabet Puzzle

Solve the WARDROBE puzzle below to find a password which will give you access to the next puzzle.
When you enter the Wardrobe, you find clothes all around the room. Some are recognizable as ones worn by previous doctors, some worn by companions. Some clothes are hanging on racks and hooks, others are just draped over furniture.

There’s boxes and containers on tables throughout the room along with a few nostalgic memorabilia. Amongst these there are locked boxes. One lock has a shirt on it and different colored numbered dials (red-green-yellow-blue in order). The other lock has an image of a key and a ruler and three numbered dials. There’s also a tray with pictures of three differently sized keys (small to large) and decorated with ruler images.

There’s a poster on the wall of keys and letters of the English alphabet. (Image 1)

You start exploring the room and find a rack of shirts whose contents are pictured (Image 2).

As you are examining the clothes and boxes, you find various keys of different lengths hidden in pockets, rolled sleeves, hat bands, and many of the boxes. You gather all the keys and find the assortment pictured (Image 3).

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The password to get into the Key Alphabet puzzle is the code for the colored lock (in the correct order) and the code for the Key and Ruler lock (in order smallest key to longest).