Escape Room

Our Escape Room has been revamped for 2024! Regeneration is hard. Post-regenerative amnesia means the Doctor sometimes forgets basic things – like how to operate the TARDIS. Fortunately, the Doctor has hidden clues in different room of the TARDIS to help them out – and you can help!

This time, the Doctor has forgotten how to stabilize the time vortex manipulator and manually enter the correct coordinates. Your task is to help your Doctor find the clues, solve the puzzles, and relearn how to operate the console and get the TARDIS running.

Since being a companion to the Doctor can be chaotic and things change spur of the moment – just like attending a Doctor Who convention – you can solve all of the puzzles in one go or individually over the course of the weekend. Join us in person or online, and explore the TARDIS!

Will YOU escape?

In Person

You’ll receive a puzzle-tracking sheet during your first visit, then drop in during open Escape Room hours to solve one or all parts of the puzzle. Escape Room hours can be found in our Guide to the Con.


The online version of the escape room has been designed to walk you through the same puzzles with an online twist.

Before you enter any of the rooms, take a quick look at the console and the final puzzle so you know what you might be looking for in each room.

You’ll be finding the codes for the time vortex manipulator in the Library and the Wardrobe.

When you look at the console, you notice there’s a Big Red Button on one panel with 3 key holes. One key hole has a book symbol on it, the other 2 both have key symbols.

Next to the console are 3 locked boxes with the keys inside. If you’re going to get the keys and start the TARDIS. You’ll need the to open locked boxes.

  • One has a book symbol and a padlock with 4 colored (red-blue-yellow-white) numbered dials
  • The second has a key symbol and a padlock with 4 blue lettered dials
  • The third has a key symbol and a padlock with 4 red lettered dials

The password to start the TARDIS is the the 4 numbers (in order), the 4 letter word for the blue lock, and then the 4 letter word for the red lock (all in caps and with no spaces).


What is an Escape Room?
An Escape Room is a room filled with puzzles and clues. In order to escape the room you must solve the puzzles in a set amount of time. If you solve the puzzles before the time is up, you've escaped! If not, we'll still let you out, don't worry!

Am I really locked in a room?
No. You will be in an enclosed area but you'll easily be able to leave at any time.

Who can participate in the Escape Room?
The Escape Room is available for all in-person attendees and remote attendees, in slightly different formats.

How long will it take to complete the Escape Room?
There are two (online) or three (in-person) rooms to work through to solve the full puzzle. Each room should take roughly 15 minutes to complete.

Can I try the Escape Room more than once?
You could, but we don't recommend it since you will already know how to solve many of the puzzles.

How many people can attempt the Escape Room at one time?
In person, each room should comfortably fit 2-4 people. There may be other individuals or groups solving other rooms at the same time.

When will the Escape Room be open?
The Escape Room will have availability Friday-Sunday of the convention.

Will there be other people in the Escape Room with me?
There may be other individuals or groups solving other rooms at the same time, but we will not combine groups to solve puzzles.