Trial of an Era

Over the vast expanse of the WHO-niverse, there looms one massive question…no, not that one. The other one. Yes, we’re talking about Classic vs Nu-Who: Which era is best? You, the audience, will serve as the jury in this CONsole Room hearing, presided over by an Honorable Time Lord Adjunct Judiciary Judgy-Judge, as representative Whovians weigh and debate the merits of the Classic Era (1963-1996, Doctors 1-8) against the modern (2005-present, Doctors 9-15) in a spirited celebration of Doctor Who’s enduring influence and a testament to its ability to continuously captivate and inspire audiences across generations.

  • Panelists: T. Aaron Cisco, Hugh Gitlin, Don Kaiser, Gaelynn Lea, Diana Tonn