The Queen Is Missing!

Strenuous pounding rattles the door at 13 Paternoster Row. The heads of Madame Vastra and her guests Leela, Clara Oswald, Professor Litefoot, and Henry Gordon Jago jerk towards the annoying noise.
“Can you get that Strax?" Jenny yells from the scullery. “Breakfast is almost ready!”
“Should I prepare automated laser monkeys, scalpel mines, and acid for those who dare to encroach our domicile, Madame?” Strax hopefully inquires.
“I think answering the door would suffice for our first approach,” Madame Vastra replies while tasting the air.
“Quiet down, human scum!” Strax yells over the continued pounding. As he opens the door, a flushed and agitated Bram Stoker practically falls inside.
“The Queen is missing!”

Bram Stoker, the Napoleon of Crime, and Time Travelers, oh my! Friends of the Doctor are pressed into service when Queen Guinevere goes missing in London 1895!

Join us for a Doctor Who RPG during CONsole Room 2021!

The game will be held on Saturday, January 16 from 1-5PM CT.

  • Characters are provided, rules taught, roleplaying emphasized!
  • GM: Gary Lange
  • Players: 3-6, (3 Reserve)
  • Ages: Adult
  • Time: 4 hours

If you have any questions, please email Gary at


Interested in joining the game? Follow the steps below to play. Sign-ups are first come, first served and space is limited.

Requirements to play:

To sign up:

  • View the PCs (characters) on Google Drive
  • Share your first and second character choices on Roll20 here.
  • The first 6 people to follow the steps above will be the registered players, with the next 3 as substitutes.