Each year we are excited to present a thorough and varied programming schedule, where we as fans can delve into the concepts, controversies, and continuities that keep us up at night, make us laugh, and keep us coming back for more. You can expect the same great quality of programming at CONsole Room 2024 as you’ve experienced at our previous conventions.

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Interested in the programming process? Take a look at the list of programming ideas developed for our 2023 convention below, or check out the full list of current programming ideas with descriptions by clicking here.

Doctor Who

2B or not 2B
40th Anniversary of The Five Doctors
50 Years of Doctor Who Target Novelisations
50 Years of Season 10
60 Years of Daleks
Award Winners in Doctor Who
Bernard Cribbons Memorial
Book vs. Episode: Rose
Descendants of the Doctors
Doctor Who Audios
Doctor Who Comics
Doctor Who Costume Designers
Doctor Who LEGO Sets
Doctor Who Media Cover Art
Doctor Who on VHS
Doctor Who Podcasts
Doctor Who T-Shirts
Doctor WHOrror
Doctor... WHO?
Doctors Outside of Doctor Who
Does the Doctor Have a Favorite Historical Era?
Double Roles in Doctor Who
Dueting Doctor Who Actors
Easter Eggs in Doctor Who
Genetics of Doctor Who
History of Doctor Who Magazine
Introducing New Who Fans to Classic Who
Lost and Found Episodes
Mental Health Portrayed in Doctor Who
Non-Enumerated Doctors
One-Off Episode Writers
Planets in Doctor Who
Pop Music in Doctor Who
Popular Characters Originally Written for One Episode
Real World Applications of Doctor Who
Sonics 'R Us
Spies in Doctor Who
Spoilers! River Song's Journal vs. The Doctor's Timeline
Sports in Doctor Who
Telesnap Reconstructions
The Thirteenth Doctor - A Retrospective
To CGI or Not to CGI?
Truth or Consequences
Villain Tech in Doctor Who
Watching Doctor Who in Chronological Order
What Are the Doctors Up to Now?
What If?
Would You Like a Jelly Baby?

British Film & TV

35 Years of Red Dwarf
All Creatures Great and Small: Original vs. Reboot
Are You Being Served?
BBC Centenary Specials & Episodes
Britbox or Acorn?
British Invasion
British Recreations of American TV Shows
The Chronicles of Narnia (BBC miniseries)
David Tennant Fan Panel
Gerry Anderson Fan Panel
Ghosts: UK vs. US
Horrible Histories
Keeping Up Appearances
Out of the Unknown
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Fan Panel
Queer as Folk
The Rising Popularity of Football in America
Time Travel Contraptions

Other TV & Movies

2022 Movies in Review
40th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi
American Recreations of Anime and Manga
American Recreations of British TV Shows
Bob's Burgers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe
Canceling the Artist, and Not the Art
Children Protagonists
Classic TV Shows That Don't Hold Up
Continuity Wars
David Bowie Titles in TV/Movies
DC vs. MARVEL Comics
Disney's Live Action Remakes
Felicia Day Fan Panel
Free Streaming Services
Hocus Pocus 2
House of the Dragon
LEGO Cinematic Universe
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Love, Death & Robots
MC Who
MCU Content Released in the Last Year
Miracle Workers
Missing Episodes in American TV
The New Extended Star Wars Universe
Our Flag Means Death
Remakes & Reimaginings
Rick and Morty
Running Up That Hill
The Sandman
Saturday Morning Cartoons from Our Childhoods
Shazam! and My Hero Academia Crossover Fanfiction
Slash Fiction
Streaming Service Mergers
Superhero Fatigue
Vikings - TV vs. History
What We Do in the Shadows
Where to Start Watching Anime
The Winchesters: Yay or Nay?


Teaching with Doctor Who
Doctor Who Video Games
Doctor Who RPG Games
Doctor Who Magic: The Gathering
Whoniverse on Etsy
Who & Tell
Dressing the Doctor
Unmasking Doctor Who Monsters
Collecting Enamel Pins
Crafting Who
Sewing 101
How Do You Do Your 'Do?
Prop Shop
How to Speak with a British Accent
3D Printing
How to Cosplay
Geek Health
Teaching Through Role Playing
Raising the Next Generation of Geeks
Naming the Geek Way
Building with LEGO
Funko Pop Culture
Fandom Cookbooks
Gardening & Harvesting Your Own Tea
Geeky Themed Tea Companies
History of CONsole Room/Shared Stories of CONsole Room
How to Be a Panelist
We Need You!
What Did We Miss This Year?
How to GISH


Space Tourism
WonderWorks Theme Parks
Futuristic Tech in Sci-Fi
Mars Habitat Project
James Webb Space Telescope


Real or Fake
Family Feud
Would I Lie to You?
Six Degrees of the Doctor
Role Swaps
What is the Best Superpower
Dungeons & Dragons - How Do I Start Playing?
Knitting the Fourth Doctor's Scarf
Knitting Workshop