Attending CONsole Room Remotely

Moving to a hybrid space means approaching our convention a little differently. This guide is meant to help you make the most of our virtual spaces and help you plan your convention.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Want a fun way to explore our virtual space? Our NEW scavenger hunt has launched!

Virtual Locations

We are utilizing several virtual spaces to help provide the best interactive, immersive experience possible. The options available at each of these locations are designed to provide a myriad of opportunities for engaging with the convention and each other, from Who-related activities at home to live video or audio discussions with fellow con-goers.

Our website is your home base for the convention. Here you can find where to find information, additional activities to enhance your con-at-home experience, news updates, and more.

  • Everything you need to know about CONsole Room 2024 can be found under the "What to Expect" tab at the top of the website.
  • A brief overview of each main topic can be found by visiting the appropriate page directly under the "What to Expect" tab, such as the "Amenities" page.

We have a mix of pre-recorded, live virtual, and live in-person panels planned for CONsole Room 2024. A selection of panels will be available on YouTube throughout the convention.

  • Panels are marked as "virtual," "pre-recorded," or "in-person only" on the schedule, along with their viewing location.
  • We encourage interacting with all live panels! Questions posted in the YouTube chat feeds will be passed on to the panelists via a moderator.
  • All panels will be available to re-watch on YouTube unless otherwise indicated. Any that are only available during the live panel time are marked in the schedule.

Discord is our "virtual hotel space" for the convention. Joining Discord unlocks the bulk of our virtual convention experience, including panels, open discussion spaces with other attendees, Q&A with vendors, and so much more.

  • Registration is required to access our Discord server.
  • Discord is our shared, virtual community space for all attendees, whether in-person or online, to communicate throughout the convention. You'll also find space to easily ask questions of our convention staff throughout the con.
  • Click here for a webpage dedicated to our Discord server.

Cybermite+ Options

If you have registered at the Cybermite level, this space is meant to help you make the most of your registration. Cybermite registration is 100% FREE and can be upgraded to the Cyberman registration with quick payment and an email at any point during our convention. All in-person day pass purchases also include Cybermite access so you can continue to join us remotely the other days of the convention!


Access our Discord server, and all that it has to offer. Community, games, and access to panels streaming directly into our Panel Room.

Online Shopping

Some of our vendors have an online presence and shopping through them online is like taking a piece of the convention home with you, regardless of where you are attending from!

The convention itself also has pins, autographs/photographs, and shirts available!

There are many opportunities to meld your space with the hotel space.

Panel Notifications

On Discord, we have set notifications as "Events" that allow you to mark yourself as "Interested" and you will get a Discord notification when it is time for the panel to occur. (Everyone who has access to Discord may use this feature).

Online Activities

The Escape Room can also be enjoyed by our remote attendees!

Additional activities can be found throughout the website - ConSuite recipes, arts and crafts!

Even more activities can be found on Discord - text based games, puzzles, and the occasional game running in chat rooms.


Access our YouTube channel to enjoy previously released content.
Click here for a direct link
There will also be new 2024 panels released throughout the convention.

Online GPS Charity Auction

Items can be viewed and bid on through the GPS charity auction online website. Items can be shipped to the winning bidders, or picked up at the convention.

Cyberman+ Options

If you have registered at the Cyberman+ level (or purchased an in-person weekend badge), there are some unique options available to you that the Cybermite+ level does not have. This space is meant to help you make the most of your registration.


Everything available to Cybermites, PLUS... Mainstage Livestreams throughout the weekend.

Check your email for a special message with links!

2024 Discord Perks

Check out Discord and follow the directions for a special status in the server and access to the Cyberman channel.

See exclusive pictures before they are posted other places online in the Cyberman access channel.

Digital Concierge

Would you like a special tour of in person spaces, including the Art Show, ConSuite, and the hotel itself? See about booking a time slot with Cynthia via Discord.

Congratulations, you've found a clue! Learn more by following the link at the top of the page or clicking HERE.