CONsole Room 2024 Vendors

Vendors, like characters in Doctor Who, come in all sorts of different forms. We offer vendors who craft, sculpt, sew, knit, paint, write, draw, weld, create music, resell officially licensed items, and so much more!

How do I interact with the vendors?
-- Contact them using the information listed underneath each vendor below.
-- Find them in our in-person vendor rooms.
-- Visit the vendors-at-con text channel in the "At the Convention" section of our Discord server.
Note: Not all Vendors will be interacting on Discord. To join Discord, you must officially register for our event.

DISCLAIMER: All sales are directly with each vendor. CONsole Room is not part of the transaction.


Artists and Dealers

We have two rooms for our various vendors. You can find artists of all kinds in both rooms.

Artist Alley

(Riverside, 1st floor)

Dealers Room

(Ballroom, 2nd floor)

Ana Voltz Art


Ana is a science fiction artist who paints spaceships, robots, and dinosaurs! You can discover a whole new world to explore through your favorite painting.

Awesome Industries


I am a woodworker specializing in home decor; specifically wooden signs, art pieces, and other geeky ornamentation.

Avalon Gifts



Avalon gifts is a family-owned business crafting all things pop-culture and nerdy. Founded on a love of Doctor Who, LOTR, Harry Potter, and Star Wars; Avalon Gifts is continuously evolving and growing our offerings. Driven by snarky humor and an obsession with all-things GEEK, we like to think we are a bit bigger on the inside - come see all fun geek crafts and gifts we have to offer!!

The Geek Boutique



Gifts for the Geeky Heart! Drink tumblers, enamel pins, games, blind dates with a book, geeky bath products, jewelry and more!

Catalyst Books & Gifts

Twitter / X

Everyone needs science; science needs everyone! Catalyst Books & Gifts is a mostly online bookstore with occasional in-person pop-up events. We are a Specific Benefit Corporation, with a mission to celebrate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM (science, technology, engineering & math/medicine). A portion of our profits will be donated to organizations doing meaningful work to support minoritized scientists and improve the culture of science and academia.

Dave Wheeler


Co-founder of the kid-friendly comic company MIND WAVE COMICS.

Lady Dragon's Treasures


Hand-made bead jewelry with a Geeky point of view. Bracelets, rings, earrings all made by hand. Trying to cover as many fandoms as I can. Y-necklaces with rosary count and a Dr. Who, or Supernatural, or Star War, or Star Trek theme. I generally use natural stones with a bit of Czech Glass mixed in. Custom orders are accepted and if ordered before 2pm on Sat of Con, usually delivered by end of Con on Sunday.

Midwest Jedi


We are a gaming shop based in River Falls, WI that sells Magic The Gathering, Poke'mon, D&D and (as you would guess by the name) Star Wars.


Created a long time ago on homework, tests, and meeting notes; Abstract Machina is primarily a design based artwork that uses with both sides of my brain. When started, the creativity comes bursting forth and builds continuously changing concepts. Hence the primarily abstract designs, but more was needed than just splotches of color, lines, and shapes. There needed to be SOMETHING physical. This style allows the creation of specific details in machinery while at the same time letting it grow into something unknown during it's many stages!

Kathryn Sullivan

Website                    Facebook

Author of science fiction and fantasy books for all ages.

Moxie and Babs
One of a kind artisan bath bombs, shower steamers, soaps, and bubble baths handcrafted right here in Minnesota.
Mystic Healing Stones

Mystic Healing Stones is a sanctuary of energy and elegance, offering a diverse collection of crystals and gemstones infused with nature’s essence. Each piece is ethically sourced and meticulously selected for its unique vibrational energy, aesthetic allure, and healing properties.

The Minnesota Alchemist/Lura Publications

Histories, Mysteries, Legends, and Lore—those qualities made author Jason Lee Willis create his own version of tales like Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks. His novels series—The Alchemist Chronicles and the Dreamcatcher Chronicles—create a uniquely Minnesota fantasy world.

Moonbeam Designs


Remember in the Little Mermaid when Ariel said she had “whozits and whatsits galore” - that’s us at Moonbeam Designs (even down to the red hair). We have a little bit of everything! Come see the ever growing collection of stickers, buttons, prints, and other premade products ready to go home with you! Want something a little more unique? We have open commissions!

Redbird Embroidery Etc


Geeky Embroidery and Sewing

Rhiannon Oils and Incenses


Maps and other scrolls (majority of display) handmade, vintage and collectible stuff

Scott Beaderstadt

The ever-loving Blue eye Scott Beaderstadt is best known for his critically acclaimed Self-Published TROLLORDS. He has also done work for Marvel DC and Archie comics. Scott is a major contributor to the THANK YOU WALT DISNEY foundation in Kansas. formaly LAUGH A GRAM STUDIOS and has done Pinky and the Brain designs. Scott lives in that todd;in' town Chicago with at least two cats Mugsy and Spike.

Sirkles Studio

At Sirkles Studio, I turn words into artwork using an intricate and complex circular script. At my shop, the designs decorating the canvases, keychains, stickers, jewelry and other items all have literal translations. I’m more than happy to do custom transcriptions on the spot, show you my library of hundreds of designs, as well as answer any questions about my artwork. My friend, Loren Sherman, and I, Annie ‘Sirkles’ Drahos, have been developing this script since 2011. Since that time, it has grown quite popular, especially in the Doctor Who community where it is the only fan made script to have ever been used on screen as Circular Gallifreyan!

Sagemoon Arts
Husband and wife team. I am the artist, painter, and sewer, while my husband is the prop Smith, making replica weapons and armor. Made out of wood, paper and foam. I create one of a kind original work consisting of watercolor and acrylic paintings and ink drawings. Handcrafted pins, necklaces, keychains, and magnets. All individually drawn making them tiny originals. Hand sewn creatures with wire skeletal systems making them moldable.
Wayward Nerd


Wayward Nerd serves all who grab a lanyard, lightsaber, and sonic screwdriver, pack it in a suitcase and head off to explore the nerdy universe. Think of us as your guide.