Art Show

With a virtual convention comes a virtual Art Show! Please consider joining us and showing off your original art works. Further details about the Art Show and how to participate can be found below.


Please direct any questions you have to


To participate in the Virtual Art Show, please fill out the Google Form via the link above no later than January 13, 2021.

Please note that this year's show will be juried. Our Art Show Head will not be doing a hard jury, which means everyone will get at least one piece accepted to the show. She is looking for quality pictures and a good range of items that will appeal to our attendees and create a nice gallery for them to look at.


The Art Show will take place exclusively in Discord, our "virtual hotel." All accepted artworks will be posted in the Art Show channel on Discord by our Art Show Head throughout the convention. Submission amounts will determine if artworks are intermingled or posted in order of submission.

It is FREE to participate in this year's event. There will also be no bidding, only direct purchase or NFS (Not For Sale) items. If your artwork is available for purchase, you are responsible for managing all your own sales and shipping.
Please provide the following info for each piece:
  • MEDIUM (What the artwork is made from.)
  • PRICE (or NFS if not for sale)
  • CONTACT INFO/WEB LINK for purchasing, if available
  • ALL MEDIUMS: Art can be 2D or 3D, any medium
  • QUALITY PHOTOS: Quality photos are crisp, clear, high-definition photos with good lighting. Try taking photos using natural light, when possible, for the best result.
  • WATERMARKS: Watermarks are absolutely allowed and will not affect jury selection.
  • ON TOPIC CONTENT: CONsole Room is dedicated to all things Whovian! All works submitted should be appropriate to the theme of the convention and/or connect to our fandom.
  • ALL WORK MUST BE PG: We are a family friendly convention, thank you for helping us keep our show all-ages.
  • NO HATE SPEECH/SYMBOLISM: No hate speech or symbolism/iconography of any hate group (Please check the Southern Poverty Law Center if you are unsure if what you are using is considered hate speech).
  • ORIGINAL ART: Art should be original to the artist, with any fan derivatives properly crediting original owner/creator of that property/character.