Artists & Dealers

A little bit Henrik’s and a little bit Frenko Bazaar, our Dealers Room is primarily for re-sellers, and we know the Doctor would love the local artists in our Artist Alley as much as we do – though we hope they’d never write “this is fake” on any art like he did to the Mona Lisa.

Vendors, like characters in Doctor Who, come in all sorts of different forms. We welcome vendors who craft, sculpt, sew, knit, paint, write, draw, weld, create music, resell officially licensed items, and so much more! If you would like to be a vendor in either of these rooms, please fill out an interest form. A CONsole Room staff member will contact you according to the registration timeline below.

CONsole Room reserves the right to decide who is a vendor, and preference will be given to vendors with items related to Doctor Who, science fiction, and other geeky items. Submission of an Interest Form is required for consideration but is not a guarantee of being approved.

Please direct any questions you have to



Last day to sign up to be a Vendor for our virtual CONsole Room event.

To sign up to be a Vendor, you must:

  1. Fill out the Vendor Interest Form
  2. Have or create an account in Discord
  3. Have a secure way to manage your own sales.

Each Vendor will be assigned their own channel within our Discord server to use to interact with attendees. If you would like to list "hours," make sure to include this in your Vendor Interest form.

We will also list links to your sales site(s) on our webpage and within the Discord environment. Make sure you include all relevant links in your Vendor Interest Form.


There will be no cost to participate in this year's event. As at a live event, you are responsible for all your own sales.


You are responsible for the person(s) who represent you at our convention, their actions, and their words.

Please remember that we are a family-friendly convention and we have zero tolerance for discrimination and bullying.


Do you want to have an assigned time on the schedule to do a live Zoom/Discord event with attendees? If yes, talk with us about it as soon as possible.


Do you want to record a short (2-10 minute) video for us to play throughout the convention weekend? If yes, talk with us about it as soon as possible.