Guide to CONsole Room 2021

Moving to a virtual space means approaching our convention a little differently. Use this guide to help navigate this new virtual space.

Passport Scavenger Hunt

Want a fun way to learn about our virtual space? Try out our Passport Scavenger Hunt to guide your exploration!

Virtual Locations

We are utilizing several virtual spaces to help provide the best interactive, immersive experience possible. The options available at each of these locations are designed to provide a myriad of opportunities for engaging with the convention and each other, from Who-related activities at home to live video or audio discussions with fellow con-goers.

Our website is your home base for the convention. Here you can find where to find information, additional activities to enhance your con-at-home experience, news updates, and more.

  • Everything you need to know about CONsole Room 2021 can be found under the "What to Expect" tab at the top of the website.
  • A brief overview of each main topic can be found by visiting the appropriate page directly under the "What to Expect" tab, such as the "Amenities" page.
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We have a mix of pre-recorded and live panels planned for CONsole Room 2021. The majority of our panels will be available on YouTube and Facebook, accessible to everyone.

  • Panels are marked as "live" or "pre-recorded" on the schedule, along with their viewing location.
  • We encourage interacting with all live panels! Questions posted in both the YouTube and Facebook chat feeds will be passed on to the panelists via a moderator.
  • All panels will be available to rewatch on YouTube and Facebook unless otherwise indicated. Any that are only available during the live panel time are marked in the schedule.
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Discord is our "virtual hotel space" for the convention. Joining Discord unlocks the bulk of our virtual convention experience, including the Art Show, exclusive roundtable panels, costume showcase, open discussion spaces with other attendees, Q&A with vendors, and so much more.

  • Registration (FREE!) is required to access our Discord server.
  • Discord-exclusive content includes the Art Show, Costume Showcase, Painting with Plasmavores, Hallway Games, and the Singalong Dance Party.┬áSome panels also occur only on Discord and will not be recorded. These panels are marked on the schedule.
  • Other aspects of the convention have enhancements on Discord, including Vendor spaces, for questions/spotlights from our vendors, and general discussion spaces for talking about panels, currently airing Doctor Who episodes, and more with fellow con attendees. You'll also find space to easily ask questions of our convention staff throughout the con.
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