A show would be nowhere without its fans, but few are as full of boundless creativity as Whovians. Cosplay is abound, otherworldly fiction fills our digital shelves, and original tunes of all kinds make our double hearts skip a beat. CONsole Room itself wouldn't exist without the driving force of the dedicated fans who create it each year.

In much the same way that the fans celebrate the show, we wanted to celebrate the fans. Our #WhoItYourself campaign, which launched November 2016, has been designed to spotlight the originality and creativity of the fans, whether it's writing, art, cosplay, carpentry, film, or beyond. With fan spotlights, a film festival, and masquerade workshops, we are giving the spotlight to the fans, and are continuously looking for more ways to do so.

#WhoItYourself is all about celebrating YOU. What will you create?

Read our introduction to #WhoItYourself, written by CONsole Room Chair Jason Tucker, to learn more about this campaign.
Browse through our #WhoItYourself links above to learn more about current #WhoItYourself initiatives.