#WhoItYourself Special Events

A show would be nowhere without its fans, but few are as full of boundless creativity as Whovians. Our #WhoItYourself campaign, launched November 2016, was designed to spotlight the originality and creativity of the fans, whether it's writing, art, cosplay, carpentry, film, or beyond.

(In Person + Virtual)

Cosplayers unite! Chat about cosplay techniques, share photos of finished costumes, or ask questions in our dedicated costuming spaces.


(In Person + Virtual)

NEW! The Doctor has regenerated and is working through post-regenerative amnesia. Help the Doctor stabilize the time vortex manipulator and get the TARDIS running!


(In Person Only)

Capture your inner Plasmavore as we walk you through your very own, one-of-a-kind painting step-by-step. You don't have to be an artist to attend!


(In Person + Virtual)

The CONsole Room Radio Players have been performing live radio plays since 2020! Tune in at CONsole Room or on YouTube on Saturday, January 13th to catch part 4 of "The Daleks' Master Plan."