Health, Safety, and Community: A Note from the Con Chairs

Hello, fellow Whovians!

Today, we are officially nine days away from our 9th annual convention. When we set out this year to reimagine our convention in a hybrid space, our goal was to be as inclusive and supportive of our community and as transparent in our decisions as possible. In a world still greatly impacted by COVID-19, we imagined a convention that could support a number of different outcomes but that could prioritize the health, safety, and longevity of all of our attendees, guests, and this community.

Today, nine days away from our convention, we, as many of you, are deeply attuned to the news coming in regarding COVID-19 and, in particular, the Omicron variant. While we have been diligent about making changes and working with our convention hotel to make the convention space as safe as possible – you can read more on our Policy page – we are also very aware that our precautions, while layered, are not foolproof.

Unfortunately, while our priority is always this community, our reality is that we also have legal obligations to our convention hotel. We also do not anticipate a force majeure – that is, a government or legal restriction that requires the event to move fully virtual – to come into effect at this point. Without a force majeure, our organization is on the hook for all of the costs of the convention – a cost our small nonprofit would not be able to sustain and would prevent us from continuing as an organization. (Please note that we don’t have any ill will toward our convention hotel for this, it’s simply a fact of business for event spaces such as this and we both have our organizations to look out for.)

The good news is that, by building around a hybrid space to begin with, we are as prepared for this as we can be.

We will be moving forward with both in-person and virtual access to the con, as we planned when we set out this year, giving all of the members of our community opportunities to get involved in the way that works best for them:

If you are planning to join us in person, please be reminded that we are requiring full vaccination for ALL attendees and for masks to be worn at all times. A few additional notes:

    • Pre-registration for in-person memberships ends in just a few days on Friday, January 14. We will accept registration at the door, provided you are able to follow our COVID-19 policies.
    • We are not requiring you to get tested or to be boosted against COVID-19 if you are attending in person. However, we do strongly recommend both for all in-person attendees! Help us make this as safe an environment as possible.

If you already purchased an in-person weekend membership and are ill, uncomfortable, or otherwise unable or unwilling to join us in person, you still have CYBERMAN access to our virtual content and we hope you choose to join us virtually! While the experience will be a little different than last year’s fully virtual event, we have worked hard to create an environment that is inclusive of all of our attendees, in person and online.

If you would prefer to join us virtually, good news! We still have both CYBERMITE and CYBERMAN tickets available through convention weekend. CYBERMITE tickets provide a somewhat limited experience and are FREE. CYBERMAN tickets provide an expanded virtual experience and are only $35.

In the days ahead, we will continue, as always, to be as transparent and open as possible with all of you. We hope you will join us either in person or online to celebrate this show we all love, together.

Jason Tucker and Amber Raden
CONsole Room Co-Chairs

Upcoming Deadlines: Vendors, VIP, Ventures, and More!

Whether you’re planning to attend as a VIP, vendor, or virtually, please look below for some of our upcoming deadlines and reminders:

  • VENDOR SPACES STILL AVAILABLE: A limited number of Artist Alley and Dealers Room spaces are still available. If you are interested, please visit our website for more information and to apply.
  • DEC 30: VIP MEMBERSHIPS: We have extended access to VIP Memberships, which are available for in-person attendees only, through our pre-sale cutoff of January 14, 2022. However, if you are interested in receiving your VIP shirt at the convention, please be sure to register as a VIP no later than December 30!
  • DEC 31: ROUND 1 COMMEMORATIVE SHIRT ORDERS: Commemorative shirts are now available to order through December 31! While we can’t guarantee that these will arrive in time for the convention, the estimated delivery date we have received is January 19. A second ordering opportunity will open in January.
  • JAN 6: HOTEL BLOCK: Our hotel block at our convention hotel is open through January 6 or until full, whichever comes first. Staying at the hotel not only helps support the convention’s use of this hotel space, it also gives you easy access to local amenities, a personal “home base” throughout the con, and more.
  • JAN 14: LAST DAY FOR IN-PERSON PRE-REGISTRATION: Purchase your membership early so that you’re ready to go when the convention arrives!
  • JAN 15: LAST DAY FOR ART SHOW ONLINE SUBMISSION: Our Art Show will be on display in-person during our convention. If you are interested in submitting art, please visit our website for guidelines.

Commemorative Shirts Now Available

CONsole Room 2022 is drawing near, and ordering for our commemorative shirt is now available! Whether you’re joining us in person or virtually, remember the fun from our 2022 convention with a commemorative shirt. Keep reading to learn more!

Please note: VIP registrations for 2022 include a commemorative shirt. If you have a VIP Membership or pre-ordered a shirt at our 2020 convention, you will receive a form within the next few days confirming your shirt choices and do not need to order through CustomInk unless you’d like additional shirts.

Ordering for our 2022 commemorative shirt design is open through DECEMBER 31, 2021 so that shirts can arrive prior to the convention.

  • New “Satellite 9” Design: Aligned with our theme “Satellite 9,” the new design features a satellite broadcasting some of the many activities you can find at our convention.
  • Multiple Shirt Options: You asked for multiple shirt options, and we listened! We’re bringing what we learned last year into our hybrid space and are offering the opportunity to order our souvenir 2022 shirt in six different shirt styles with sizes ranging from youth sizes to 6X (size selection varies depending on the style).
  • Pick Up and Delivery Options: All attendees have the option to have shirts delivered directly to you. If you are attending in person, you also have the option to pick up your order at the convention.

Follow the links below to order or learn more: