It’s Affirmative! John Leeson to Join Us in 2020!

It’s affirmative! We’re thrilled to announce that JOHN LEESON, the voice of the Doctor’s robotic dog companion K9, will be joining us at CONsole Room 2020!

John voiced K9 from 1977-2010 on Doctor Who, K9 and Company, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and K9. He has also voiced the character for Big Finish and BBV Productions.

Other credits include appearances in Blake’s 7, the giant Biggum in Jigsaw, Bungle in the children’s television series Rainbow, and the Space Gypsy characters on Children’s UK hospital radio. He also contributed to the charity reference book Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who.

Welcome, John, to CONsole Room 2020!

Katy Manning to Join Us in 2019!

As CONsole Room draws ever nearer, we are please to announce that KATY MANNING will be joining us at CONsole Room 2019!

With a career that has spanned over 40 years, 3 continents, and numerous awards, Katy’s career includes work in television, audio dramas, cartoons, theatre, and so much more. In Doctor Who, Katy is best known for her role as companion Jo Grant opposite the 3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

Please join us in welcoming Katy to Minnesota!

Learn more about Katy by reading her FULL BIO.
Learn more about all of our 2019 guests by visiting our GUEST PAGE.

Katy’s appearance is subject to availability and contract.

The Science of Regeneration

Doctor Who may include some questionable science, but these two Featured Guests use anything but. We’re proud to welcome KRISTI CURRY ROGERS and RAYMOND ROGERS back to CONsole Room 2019 as Featured Guests!

Kristy is a paleontologist who studies the evolutionary history and paleobiology of the long-necked sauropods dinosaurs. Her research also includes the analysis of the microscopic details of bones, which holds important clues about growth rates and life history in dinosaurs.

Ray is a geologist and paleontologist who studies ancient records that preserve abundant vertebrate fossils, most notably dinosaurs. He focuses on the reconstruction of past environments, and he is particularly interested in conditions that lead to exceptional fossil preservation.

Please join us in welcoming both to CONsole Room! You can learn more about our guests at our GUESTS PAGE.