Printable Ads Now Available

You asked and now you shall receive: printable ads are now available!

Do you love our convention and want to help spread the word? First of all, THANK YOU! Word of mouth has so far been one of the most effective ways for us to let people know about CONsole Room and it’s people like you that help make that happen.

To help you spread the word to your fellow Whovians, we’ve created half page ads that can be printed at your own convenience and cost for you to hand out or hang up wherever you see fit. (Please make sure to check with businesses before hanging on their premises.)

Want to spread the word further? Take a picture of the ad or you with the ad, create something inspired by our bi-weekly #WhoItYourself prompts, or participate in a Whovian activity and share on social media using #CONsoleRoom2017, #CONsoleRoom, and/or #WhoItYourself. We’d love to see what our fellow fans are up to!