Like a sonic screwdriver, it's the little things that can make all the difference. For our in-person and virtual attendees, you can find access information, a printable badge design just for virtual attendees, a digital program book, information about our ConSuite, and more.


Crafts, community games, coloring pages, and more! Take a peek at some of the activities we've pulled together to help fill those quiet moments, embrace your creativity, and have fun together.


Whether you're joining in person or virtually, your badge is your access to the convention (and a memento of the experience)! See where to pick up or purchase your in-person badge or try out one of our printable badge designs, specially designed for the 2022 convention.


In person, our ConSuite is your go-to place to relax and revitalize with some refreshments and friendly conversation. In our virtual space, you can find the resources you need to bring a piece of ConSuite home, including Who-inspired recipes, drinks, and more.


Discord is our "virtual hotel space" for the convention. Joining Discord unlocks the bulk of our virtual convention experience, including some panels, our costume showcase, open discussion spaces with other attendees, Q&A with vendors, and so much more.


Your fun guide to the convention, use this NEW scavenger hunt to discover the many aspects of our virtual convention.


The digital version of our souvenir program book, this document provides a review of the entire convention, from guests to panels to amenities and more.