Convention Committee

CONsole Room is an annual convention organized and run entirely by passionate VOLUNTEERS, both at the convention and year-round.

Interested in getting involved? Take a look at our "I Want to Help!" page to learn more about volunteering and how to join the team.

Convention Committee Volunteers

Board of Directors

Jason Tucker, Co-Chair
Amber Raden, Co-Chair
Don Kaiser, Finance/Treasurer
Natasha Krentz, Operations/Admin

Fiscal Operations

Don Kaiser, Director

Lynn Casey, Lead

Don Kaiser, Lead

Art Show
Cynthia Porter, Lead

Guest Relations
Anton Petersen, Lead
Jennifer Peck
Alisha Srock
Shannon Dineen

Vendor Relations
Natasha Krentz, Lead
Eleanor Dorn


Natasha Krentz, Director

Nicholas Raden, Head

Regina Voracek, Lead

Larry Barthel, Lead

Marc Gerken, Lead
Hugh Gitlin

Live Productions Team
Skaht Hansen, AV Co-Lead
Bahb Heddle, AV Co-Lead
Renee Peterson
Tom Wollenberg
Larry Barthel
Natasha Krentz
Steve Murphy

Programming Team

Jason Tucker, Director
Kelly Joseph, Co-Lead
Marissa Vogt, Co-Lead

Panels Team
Bruce Rehberg
Eleanor Cashman

Video Room
Marc Gerken
Hugh Gitlin

Reuben Herfindahl
Matt McMillan

Escape Room
Larry Barthel
Eleanor Cashman
Bruce Rehberg

Communications Team

Amber Raden, Director

Community Engagement
James Bacigalupo
Natasha Krentz
Cynthia Porter
Karin Rainwater
Bruce Rehberg

Eleanor Dorn
Amber Raden

Social Media
Larry Barthel
Meg Bjorkman
Eleanor Cashman
Eleanor Dorn
Susie Guille
Natasha Krentz
Amber Raden
Michael Zecca

Natasha Krentz
Amber Raden

Print and Digital Design
Matt Bjorkman
Amber Raden
Bruce Rehberg
Tiffany Tieche

Outreach & Advertising
Gera Exire LaTour
Bruce Rehberg
Jim Soos