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CONsole Room is THE Twin Cities Doctor Who convention. But how did it start?

Doctor Who fans have found plenty of like-minded individuals at conventions, fan clubs, viewing societies, and meetups for years. But when the show went off the air in 1989, many of the fan clubs slowly withered away and the last dedicated Doctor Who convention in the Twin Cities ended over two decades ago.

The show’s resurrection in 2005 brought with it a new generation of fans reveling in the 50-year history of wonder and adventure that is Doctor Who. With this growing Whovian fan base, a number of local fans decided the time was right to create a new convention dedicated to our favorite Time Lord and, in 2014, the first CONsole Room event was held.

CONsole Room has since been a hub for Doctor Who fans in Minnesota to share their favorite stories, debate Time Lord science, create costumes and props, dance the night away, and so much more.

Fun Fact: Where does the Doctor feel more comfortable than at the controls of the TARDIS? CONsole Room was named after the console, the command center of the Doctor’s beloved ship, with an emphasis on “CON” as a shortened form of “convention.”

CONsole Room Convention Celebrates 10 Years of Sci-Fi Fandom

Read our recent press release, dated December 22, 2022.

Why Should I Attend?

CONsole Room was created by CONsole Room Events, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Minnesota, and is entirely run by a group of dedicated volunteers and fans who spend their free time pulling together the best science fiction celebration they possibly can. From bringing in actors and creators from the show to manning panels to creating celebrations of our fandom through our #WhoItYourself campaign, we are constantly thinking outside the box to create exciting and engaging experiences every year for everyone from casual fans to lifelong Whovians.

CONsole Room is truly an event created by the fans for the fans. Together, we explore wild universes and unanswered mysteries. We create and experience these wonders and adventures as a community. In today’s busy world, with so many things are pulling us in so many different directions, this event gives us all a place gather from all over the state in a single place for three days because of this strange and wonderful alien from a distant planet and their magical blue box.

And isn’t that a wonderful thing?


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“The folks running [CONsole Room] are down to Earth decent folks. It is like a blast from the past in a good way – fan run, fan oriented.”

“If you are a whovian of any type this is the place to be in the Twin Cities.”

“I have the best time of my life!!!! This was my very first Con and I am now hooked!”

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