Masquerade Workshops

Have you been amazed at the beautiful costumes you've seen at conventions? Have you wished you knew how to pull together your own cosplay? Have you created a cosplay but weren't sure how to take it to the next step - on stage in a Masquerade?

Introducing our three-part Masquerade Workshop series, where experienced cosplayers will help you work through your cosplay, from initial ideas to Masquerade performance. Each workshop will begin with a short presentation on that day's topic. The rest of the time is available for making progress on your cosplay surrounded by fellow cosplayers, where you can ask questions and help from other cosplayers like you.

Bring your ideas and your works-in-progress. We're here to help!

Workshop #1
Design & Planning

January 15, 2017

Creating the "blueprint" for your costume and important tips to remember when planning.

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Workshop #2
Materials & Creating

February 19, 2017

Tips on different materials and creating your costume.

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Workshop #3

March 19, 2017

Presentation of your cosplay and Masquerade planning.

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