Art Show

Have you been interested in showing/selling your art but an Artist Alley table isn't the right fit for you? Consider entering in our Art Show, NEW at CONsole Room in 2019!

Please read the guidelines below to learn more about the Art Show and how to get involved.

Thank you for your interest in submitting art to CONsole Room’s first art show! Below we have guidelines and a link to a form to fill out. Please read everything carefully, but don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions. It isn’t an art show without artists!

Our online submission deadline is NOON on Monday, December 31st of 2018.

Walk in art will be accepted on a first come, available space basis, on Friday, January 4th, 2019 until the art show closes (6pm).

Please see the print section for special deadlines and rules on prints.

General Guidelines
CONsole Room is dedicated to all things Whovian!  All works submitted should be appropriate to the theme of the convention and/or connect to our fandom. Art can be 2D or 3D, all mediums are acceptable, but must be ready for display. Oil paintings should be fully dry, sculptures should be cured, etc. You are allowed 25 pieces. Please see below about prints.

Labels identifying the piece by title and artist name should be attached on the back of 2D pieces and wherever feasible on 3D pieces.

We will have gridwall and tables available for display. Please make sure any 2D works have wires for hanging (or they will not be damaged by bulldog clips, as this is our other option).

We are a family friendly convention, and thank you for helping us keep our show all-ages.

No hate speech or symbolism/iconography of any hate group (Please check the Southern Poverty Law Center if you are unsure if what you are using is considered hate speech).

Art should be original to the artist, with any fan derivatives properly crediting original owner/creator of that property/character.

As it is our first year, and CONsole room is a temporary art installation, we are only accepting art delivery in person. The artist or a designated representative must deliver things to CONsole Room (held at the Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota) by the deadline. They must also be picked up on Sunday by 4pm.

Print Guidelines

Prints of artwork are acceptable submissions to the art show. All types of print are acceptable. Make sure they are labeled with title and artist and ready to hang/display. We may take prints beyond the originally registered 25 on site, if there is room.

Any prints beyond the registered 25 must come pre-labeled with a price, and no bidding will be taken on these items. These additional items may be dropped off with your originally registered 25, or you may check if there is room by texting Cynthia at 612.207.8872 after 5pm on Friday.

Any pre-registered artist may also drop off prints, if space is available, on Saturday morning from 10am to Noon. Walk-in print drop off will not be available for artists who do not pre-register for space.

Fees and Pricing
CONsole room will not be collecting any hanging fees.

We will take a 15% commission on each sale, please remember this when putting prices on your work. Artists themselves are responsible for submitting applicable sales tax to the state.

Minimum bids on pieces should be no lower than $5. Please use only whole dollar increments. More about pricing (explanation of minimum bid, quick sale price, and Sunday sale price) are included on page two of our application linked below.

Show Schedule

Thursday: Set-up begins, artists may bring in work between 8pm and 11pm

Friday: set up continues, bidding starts

Saturday: Bidding continues until art show close, Quick Sales available

Sunday: Sunday sales only, pick up begins at art show open and continues until 4pm.


Artists should make their own arrangements for insurance if desired. Artists and/or their agent agree to “protect, keep, and save CONsole Room forever harmless” from damages or charges imposed for violations of law, ordinance, or terms outlined in these guidelines.

Bullet Point Version:

  • Deadline for online submission is NOON on December 31st, 2018.
  • Art should be original and PG in nature. No hate speech/iconography.
  • No mail in art, it must be delivered in person.
  • Art needs to be ready for display when it is brought to the show!
  • CONsole room will take a 15% commission fee on sales.
  • Responsibility for submitting sales tax is up to the artist.
  • Minimum bid of $5, use whole increments, Sunday Sale is optional.
  • Set up happens late Thursday night and Friday until art show close
  • Take down happens Sunday, pick up by 4pm
  • You may donate unsold art to GPS if you do not wish to pick it up.

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This page created with reference to art show guidelines, rules, and applications from both CONvergence and Paganicon.