Please Welcome Sylvester McCoy to CONsole Room 2024!

Please welcome Guest of Honour SYLVESTER MCCOY, who will be joining us IN PERSON at CONsole Room 2024!
Sylvester regenerated into the Doctor in 1987 with the story “Time and the Rani.” He portrayed the role until the original series ended in 1989, last seen walking into the distance with his companion Ace, played by former CONsole Room Guest of Honour, Sophie Aldred. He returned to the role in the television movie in 1997, passing on the keys to the TARDIS to Paul McGann. Sylvester has reprised the role many times since, including in numerous Big Finish audio plays, the comedy homage The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, and, most recently, in the 2022 special “The Power of the Doctor.”
We are so excited to welcome Sylvester to CONsole Room for the first time for our year 11 convention!